Join Our Taekwondo Family

Here at Dragon Taekwondo we believe that training together as a family can be an amazing experience for both children and adults. It’s a fantastic way to bond as a family and to have an activity that all ages can enjoy together. We want to make it as affordable and easy as possible to pay and train.

Dragon Taekwondo is a cashless club and all payments and transactions are securely processed by PayPal through our Dragon Taekwondo smartphone app which you can download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Download Team App now and search for Dragon Taekwondo to enjoy our team app on the go. Or you can access the desktop version from your laptop or computer here. Dragon Taekwondo Team  App. desktop edition. You can also pay in our store This ensures that we waste no time at the start and end of class taking yearly insurance, I.T.U. registration or monthly fees and all our time together will be spent training and having fun!!