Journey To Black Belt

Everyone dreams of getting their first Dan Black Belt before they even start training!!! However, big goals like the Black Belt can seem scary or too far away to children even though the journey is broken down into colour belts and tags.

So, the big question is how do we keep students from getting overwhelmed or losing interest in Martial Arts?

First, we must have a fun and exciting program in place that challenges students to express themselves in a very safe environment.

Everything should be broken down into small easy to understand stages that make the goal seem obtainable.

We must encourage students to come to class each week each but most important is a daily practice at home. By teaching children the value of setting daily goals and the momentum that these little successes create we not only help them to develop a daily martial arts practice, but we teach them the very skills necessary to be successful in any area of life.

Here at Dragon Taekwondo we have created Our Journey to Black Belt Challenge that works alongside the officially ITU/ Taekwondo Ireland Grading Syllabus. The Journey to Black Belt allows students to follow and document their progress along every step of the way. By celebrating the students small successes we build great confidence and trust and pave the way for their big successes.

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