Family Friendly Classes

Family Friendly Classes

Here at Dragon Taekwondo we have several different classes available to cater for the developmental needs of all our students.

All our programs are designed around the 5 Tenets of Taekwondo

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self- Control, Indomitable Spirit and the Irish Taekwondo Union Kukkiwon grading syllabus.

Little Dragons- 5-7 Years:

This program is designed to help our younger students enjoy their training, they will be introduced to the concepts of martial arts through fun and exciting games which are designed to boost their confidence and self-esteem while building their fitness levels. They will learn about team work, being kind to each other, bullying, personal safety, goal setting and meditation. We will be using the Merit Badge Success System which will reward them on their progress at different stages throughout the program.

Taekwondo Dragons- 8+ years (Mixed class, Children and Adults):

This is where the journey into Taekwondo starts! This class will cover all aspects of Taekwondo. It will give families the opportunity to train, learn and grow together.

As you move your way through the Irish Taekwondo Union Kukkiwon grading syllabus, you will be trained in Gyeorugi (World Taekwondo Olympic Style Competition Sparring), Poomase (for Grading and World taekwondo poomsae competition), Hoshinsul (Self-Defence), Gyeokpa (breaking) and the fundamentals of Meditation.

Dragon Taekwondo is an all-inclusive club, this means that we welcome people of all abilities and ages. You may choose to come for fun, exercise and enjoyment or you may wish to compete at club, national and international Level, we welcome and treat all members equally.

Self Defence

In these classes we will address all aspects of self-protection, from simple effective techniques that are easy to remember and put into practise in a real-life situation. The psychology of violent encounters and attacks and the importance of having a plan in place to be able to deal with any situation that may arise. These classes will be fun and high energy.