Communications Policy

Dragon Taekwondo is a small club, where all instructors and students (Junior and Senior) train together. We pride ourselves on the family atmosphere of our club and foster the free movement of speech. Communications from students to instructors and instructors to students is encouraged in an open manner and we strive to ensure that we are an inclusive club, and everyone feels that they have a voice in the club.

Methods of communication for Dragon Taekwondo take the form of the following:

  • The NGB (Irish Taekwondo Union) use various methods to communicate with clubs and These include E-mails, Facebook notifications and flyers.
  • Notifications from the NGB to the club are received by the club Secretary and posted to all instructors within the club via e-mail or verbally dependent upon the information and urgency of the

Distribution of information to the members of the club are through various methods.

  • Verbally, before, during or after a training
  • Printed out in handout form and distributed after a training
  • Text Message to all Members over 18, and to all under 18 club member
  • Dragon TKD Facebook
  • Dragon TKD private members
  • Via email to students
  • Through our club app