Child Safeguarding Statement

Child Safeguarding Statement

Taekwondo Ireland -Irish Taekwondo Union provides Taekwondo training, competition and opportunities for young people through participation in clubs, regional/provincial events and through our national teams.

Taekwondoireland(ITU)) is committed to safeguarding children and by working under the guidance of our Taekwondoireland Safeguarding Policies our staff, both volunteers and employed, working with our young people, throughout the organisation, seek to create a safe environment for young people to grow and develop.

Taekwondo Ireland’s written Risk Assessment document indicates the areas of potential risk of harm, the likelihood of the risk occurring, and gives the required policy, guidance or process documents require to alleviate these risks. The list of risks identified are contained in the following categories: Club and Coaching Practices; Complaints & Discipline; Reporting Procedures; Use of Facilities; Recruitment; Communications; and General Risk of Harm.


The Risk Assessment was undertaken on 6th June 2018

Our Child Safeguarding Statement has been developed in line with requirements under the Children First Act 2015, (the Children First: National Guidance, and Tusla’s Child Safeguarding: A Guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice (if 32 county insert equivalents in NI). In addition to our Risk Assessment document described above, there are further procedures that support our intention to safeguard children while they are availing of our activities.

TaekwondoIreland has the following procedures in place as part of our Safeguarding Policies:

  • Procedures for the management of allegations of abuse or misconduct by staff or volunteers against a child availing of our activities
  • Procedures for the safe recruitment of staff and volunteers to work with children in our activities
  • Procedures for access to child safeguarding training and information, including the identification of the occurrence of harm
  • Procedure for reporting of child protection or welfare concerns to Statutory Authorities the Mandated/Relevant Person for NGB is Brenda Mahon

We recognize that implementation is an ongoing process. Our Club is committed to the implementation of this Child Safeguarding Statement and the procedures that support our intention to keep children safe from harm while availing of our activities.

This Child Safeguarding Statement will be reviewed on 6th June 2019

Signed:                                       Date: 06/06/18

Name: Martin Fleming                                         Phone no:  00353862620906

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