Dragon Taekwondo was established in 2004 by Graham McClean. Over the years Dragon Taekwondo seen a lot of students come through the doors, the club had many successes and amazing memories but unfortunately in 2015 due to unforeseen circumstances the club had to close.

About 9 months ago Graham began coaching again by helping Ray Bardin in Dojang Ireland, Phibblestown. During these 9 months working with the students in Dojang Ireland and coaching at several local competitions Graham got the bug again, he was hooked. In May 2018 he decided to reopen Dragon Taekwondo. Dragon Taekwondo will reopen on the 04th September 2018.

Dragon Taekwondo is a  World Taekwondo (Olympic style) Taekwondo club. We are based in The Finglas West Scouts Den and affiliated with The National governing body for WT Taekwondo in Ireland, Taekwondo IrelandIrish Taekwondo Union. All gradings are carried out by members of Taekwondo Irelands grading panel and adhere to the guidelines as set out by the Kukkiwon.

At Dragon Taekwondo we teach all aspects of Taekwondo

  • Gyeorugi (World Taekwondo Olympic Style Competition Sparring)
  • Poomase (for Grading and World Taekwondo poomsae competition)
  • Hoshinsul (Self-Defence)
  • Gyeokpa (breaking)
  • Meditation techniques

All classes can be booked through our Dragon Taekwondo club app

Head Coach

Graham McClean

Dragon Taekwondo